If you've ever experienced chopping veggies that are prone to rolling around, and have gotten a series of small but extremely painful cuts from the knife, then you need to use this tip.  Ok, so you are chopping your beets or potatoes or squashes.  Here is how you keep your fingers safe.  Cut a thin strip down the length of your veggie to create a flat edge.  Then, turn the veggie flat side down to make sure it doesn't roll out of your grip.  Cut the veggie into any shape you want, until you get scared that you are going to kill your fingers with the knife.  Then, turn the veggie so that the side you were just cutting from is face down, and resume cutting.  Well, everybody, I feel really proud that I just saved you all from harm.  Yep, your welcome!  Remember, keep telling your friends about our blog so that we have a better chance of being on the food network!  Thanks!

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