Today we decided that we wanted to make handmade solid perfume, and cheese, as well as dinner.  For the perfume I needed beeswax, sweet almond oil, and some essential oils.  For the cheese I needed milk, vinegar, and a cheesecloth.  So today, we walked up and down the aisles of two different grocery stores, looking for ingredients.  Essential oils, check, milk, check, vinegar, check.  But no sweet almond oil, beeswax, or cheesecloth.  

This upset us deeply.

There was so much stress, we were crunched for time, and our ingredients were nowhere to be found.  Don't laugh, you would be stressed to.  Finally, after much research, we learn that substituting coconut oil for the beeswax might work, and substituting a coffee filter for cheesecloth might work too.  And I eventually found some sweet almond oil at home.  So we start to make the cheese.  We boil the milk, constantly stirring.  All is well until we add the vinegar and the milk starts to curdle, and we realize that we burnt the milk.  So we start over.  And all is well this time.  Until we try to strain the curdles from the whey.  We have our coffee filters all ready.  We attempt to pour everything through the filter.

It is a real struggle.

The smell is enough to make anyone vomit.  Finally we get all of the curdles into the filter and we squeeze the liquid out.  The filter is ripping everywhere, and when we take a look at the cheese, it is a hideous, disgusting blob.  Nobody is too eager to eat this.  So it's hidden away in the fridge.  We haven't even attempted the perfume yet, so we will keep you posted.  And, oh ya, we cooked dinner too.  So we had shrimp tacos with our Farmer's Market veggies.  Here it is!

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